A Social Gathering for Adults

gatheringWelcome to a Social Gathering-Adults:

A Social Gathering –Adults, is a social enrichment program designed for adults by adults. The program provides a dynamic and comfortable forum for adults with communication, social learning, emotional regulation and executive functioning challenges to:

• Learn effective strategies to enhance social interactions
• Discuss concerns and experiences navigating the social world
• Gain and offer support from peers
• Enjoy successful social interactions and experiences

What can I expect from A Social Gathering?

At A Social Gathering, you can expect to meet other adults, similar and yet different from you. Gatherings will focus on various topics/concerns/issues/skills and abilities related to social thinking for developing, maintaining and expanding relationships, and social experiences at school, in the workplace, at home, and enjoying leisure or recreational activities.

While the agenda and activities for each gathering will largely depend on the needs and requests of A Social Gathering participants, some areas that might be covered are:

• Interviewing for a job, first day on the job and beyond
• Working with others at the workplace, developing business relationships
• Dating and all that goes with that
• Navigating the college campus, advocating for your needs
• Surviving dorm life,
• Managing the weekend
• Communication on Social Media
• What’s for dinner and other daily discussions and decisions
• Project planning for school, business and life
• Hidden rules of adult life

Our vision for A Social Gathering was to offer opportunities for recreational and leisure get-togethers and outings to provide valuable and helpful information to facilitate the enjoyment of positive and successful social interactions.
Activities may include:

• Bowling
• Sporting Events
• Monster/Mini Golf
• Yoga/fitness
• Movement to Dance
• Concerts and Plays
• Museum visits
• Karaoke Karry-Out
• Painting and Pastries
• Eating Out
• Special Guest Speakers
• It’s up to you…

Why should I consider attending the gatherings and outings of A Social Gathering?

Social is not just about being able to make friends. It is more than just hanging around other people, talking and sometimes just hanging out. Social involves using your brain to think, to figure out how to be around other people. The really important part of being social is thinking about other people and what they’re thinking about you. Social thinking is a 24/7 skill. It happens whenever you are near another person, even if you have no plans to ever talk to that person! Now the doing part of social thinking is what we usually call social skills. I am sure that most of you have heard about social skills. Social thinking happens before the social skills.

In our society, we have to interact with other people in order to survive. We interact with our family members, our classmates and teacher/professors, when we shop for groceries or browse in an electronics store. When we are at our work place, at the copier, in the break room or in a conference room, we are always expected to be using social thinking and subsequent good social skills.

A Social Gathering will provide you with a chance to learn or refine your social thinking abilities so that you can enhance your interactions with others in all settings. A Social Gathering will also provide you with the opportunities to enjoy fun recreational activities with similar peers (maybe form new relationships) all while learning to practice those newly tuned social thinking skills. Besides you might actually have fun!

Where does A Social Gathering take place and do I have to have a membership?

All informative and some recreational gathering sessions will be conducted at the office of Good Talking People. Other events will be scheduled offsite with locations to be announced. We are targeting twice a month or more if scheduling permits. A minimum of 4 gathers are needed per session/event.

The fee for each session is $35 payable to Good Talking People LLC plus the cost of any offsite activity and refreshment. No membership is required. We encourage you to attend as many sessions as possible for continuity and to maximize benefit. Unfortunately, session fees are not reimbursable by insurance.