Welcome to Good Talking People LLC!  We are pleased to provide you/your child with speech/language services. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards possible for you/your child’s optimum progress. Comments regarding your experiences with our practice are always welcome. This information helps us meet your individual needs and maintain quality services for our clients.

We have found that clarity at the beginning of a clinical relationship fosters a good working partnership. In order to prevent confusion or misunderstanding regarding our policies and procedures, PLEASE READ AND RETAIN the following information for your reference.


Sessions are carefully pre-planned for you/your child. It is a commitment of Good Talking People LLC to keep to the schedule. Treatment sessions do not run over their allotted time. Speech/language sessions range in time from 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes in length. Social Thinking® groups are 60 minutes in length. If a client is late, the session will end at its regularly scheduled time and be billed at the regular rate. Please be considerate of the person following you. If you require an extended conversation with the therapist, make alternate arrangements for another time at the end of the session.

Please be aware that if your therapist is out sick or on vacation, you/your child may be seen by another therapist (if available and agreed to by you) in order to maintain a continuum of care.


Feedback is provided to you at the end of every session. For a 30 minute appointment, the last 5 minutes are reserved for feedback for you/your child. For a 45 minute appointment, the last 5-8 minutes are reserved for feedback. For 60 minute sessions and group sessions, the last 5-10 minutes are reserved for feedback. For parents who choose to leave the building during their child’s session, if you are not back in the waiting room in time for feedback, you forfeit a conversation with your therapist for that week, as we will not extend the session.


When visiting the office for treatment sessions, we would appreciate your consideration in the following matters:

  1. You are welcome to use books and magazines available in the waiting room.
  2. In order to be considerate to others, please limit cell phone use in the waiting room.
  3. Due to various food allergies, food or drink is NOT PERMITTED in the waiting room area, with the exception of water.
  4. Our wifi password is posted in the waiting room for you to use, but access to our printers is not given.


When you schedule an appointment, that appointment becomes your/your child’s reservation of time. Once that appointment is made, you must commit to being here, the same way a professional is committed to being here. It is a shared commitment, which will only work if both parties take it seriously. Consistent attendance is essential to achieve your goals and/or your child’s goals. We encourage you to re-schedule cancellations. If you plan on discontinuing services, we require two weeks advance notice so that the therapist and your child can appropriately end the therapeutic relationship.


This includes vacations, pre-planned doctor’s appointments, family events, parties, recreational events, lack of baby-sitter, car trouble etc.  This includes anything that is not designated by “emergency’ (see below).  The session must be cancelled with 24 hour notice, or by 7 p.m. Friday night for a Saturday appointment.  If the session is not cancelled with 24 hours notice it will be billed at the full therapy rate.  If your school or any other third party is responsible for payment, these missed sessions will not be covered and the family will be responsible for the missed session fee.

Emergency cancellations are due to illness, death in the family, illness of a family member, or non-planned doctor appointments.  These must be cancelled by 10 a.m. on the day of the therapy appointment, or 8 a.m. on a Saturday.

If your child does not go to school, you must call our office by 10 a.m. to cancel the appointment.  It is understood that on some occasions children are sent home from school late in the day.  You will need to contact us immediately to cancel your appointment.  Any appointments not cancelled will be charged the full therapy rate.

Please do not bring yourself/your child to therapy with a fever, strep throat, diarrhea, vomiting or any other contagious illness. You/your child should be fever free for 24 hours before resuming therapy.


In the event of inclement weather, our office makes an early determination whether we will be closed or remain open.  If the office will be closing, a staff member will contact you.  However, if our office remains open, you must follow the cancellation policy for inclement weather.   If you are not planning on keeping your appointment, you must contact our office at least 3 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.  Appointments not cancelled within this time frame will be charged.


If cancellations become excessive for non-emergency purposes, the client may lose his/her weekly time slot in the therapy schedule.  If 3 out of 4 appointments in any 4 week time span are cancelled, you may be asked to surrender your time slot (for individual and group appointments).


Our office does not follow the same calendar as the school systems.  If there is a day off, one session day or early dismissal at your child’s school, please do not assume that we are closed.

All clients will be notified in advance of any office closings unless it is an emergency or sudden event beyond our control.

If you are not planning to keep your scheduled appointment, you must notify this office with the appropriate notice according to the above cancellation policy.


Failure to call our office (201-837-8371) to cancel your scheduled therapy appointment is referred to as a “no show”. According to our policy, you will be charged the full session fee if you fail to keep your scheduled appointment. This charge is the responsibility of the client, parent/guardian and will not be reimbursed by your insurance company or other third party payor. If you have three “no shows”, your therapy time slot may be given to someone else. Please be aware that the payment for a “no show” will be due prior to the start of the next scheduled session.


Payment for all therapy services is due and payable at the time of service. You will receive a receipt of payment for each visit for your records. A comprehensive statement is available to you for all paid sessions at any time. It will be your responsibility to pursue insurance reimbursement if these services are covered.  Good Talking People LLC does not accept or bill your insurance carrier.  Any payment arrangement made between parents and/or legal guardians of minor clients is a private matter. This office will bill only one parent/guardian. Payment can be made via cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.  A 1½ % service charge will be added to all outstanding balances of 30 days or more. A $15 charge for returned checks will be applied.

In the event that you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, 24 hour notice is required. We reserve the right to charge for all appointments missed or cancelled with less than 24 hour notice. For clients whose therapy is provided through their school districts, payment for the missed session will be your responsibility. Rescheduling of appointments missed without appropriate notice will not be automatically considered and is dependent on the therapist’s schedule and availability.


As an out-of-network provider, we do not accept any insurance. We do provide you with an itemized receipt for you to submit to your insurance company. It is your responsibility to know your benefits, and whether or not these services are covered under your plan.

It is in your best interest to provide the office with a prescription/letter of medical necessity from your/your child’s doctor stating a diagnosis (if any), and a recommendation of services (specific to what you are receiving). If your insurance company contacts the office and requests any information from us, we are happy to send over this information, as well as session notes and/or progress summaries.