I am a fan of GTP. It fulfills a communication and socialization need for those who are facing—and hopefully beating the challenge. Proud of you Arlene and your staff for your insightful initiative.

Dr. Gerard Caracciolo
President of NJSHA

“I’ve known Arlene Rubin since about 2009 in her role as owner of Good Talking People, where my son receives speech therapy.

She’s performed speech and language evaluations for my son both privately and through his school district. She’s also overseen all these years of speech therapy, again both privately and through the district.

I’ve found her to be knowledgeable about the state of the art in speech and language as well as about my son individually. Her personable and friendly nature makes it easy to discuss progress and ideas with her. In spite of her obviously busy schedule, I’ve always been able to meet with her very promptly upon request.

I have regularly recommended Arlene and GTP to other parents, and it was this foundation that led to my son’s external speech therapy being provided by GTP under contract with the school district.”

Rick C.- father of a child with special needs

“My son has Asperger’s Syndrome and has been coming to Good Talking People for social skills therapy for ten years. He started as a child who had a difficult time understanding others’ point of view, inflexible in game playing with peers and blossoms into a young man who enjoys others company, thinking about others’ feeling while expressing his own opinion and is also able to poke fun of himself every once a while. Every week he looks forward to joining the group session to share information with his friends and learning socially expected behavior through game playing and conversation. During the private session, my son or I would address any concern we have and we always receive helpful support and strategy that fit my son personally. Thanks to Director Arlene Rubin and her team of therapists. They love and care about each child they help and understand every parent’s concern and need. The after-session discussion for parents offers helpful insights about how each child think and behave during certain social situation, so parents can understand and provide a stable and coherent social environment at home. I highly recommend the service of Good Talking People and I believe my son will continue to grow and blossom under their guidance.”

Mother of a 14 years old boy from Paramus, New Jersey

I have known Arlene for over 25 years! She believed in my son when no one else did! She gave him tools to use to express himself when no one could understand what he was saying! She gave him his voice!!!… and we love her beyond words!! She is the most Amazzzzing Speech Therapist! She makes therapy Fun and Rewarding for her clients and their families! She instills Hope!! and will give 100% of herself to help her clients to be the very best they can be!!!

Meredith K., mother of a former client

It’s not really bad and it really has an awesome socialization.
A Regular Participant of A Social Gathering for Adults