Do you or does someone you know:

• Have trouble understanding someone who speaks quickly?
• Have trouble coming up with the right words at the right time?
• Have trouble remembering names and dates or concentrating?
• Have trouble expressing opinions or seem confused?
• Have trouble with voice quality (hoarseness, loudness, etc.)?
• Have trouble recognizing the hidden rules of the workplace?

Speech, Language, Voice and Social Therapy for Adults

Good Talking People LLC offers a number of speech and language therapy services to help adults who have trouble speaking, understanding, or remembering due to a brain injury, neurogenic illness, and attention deficits or learning differences. We offer specialized programs for post stroke, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, in addition to Social Thinking ® and Executive Functioning treatments

Specialized Programs for Adults

Executive function skills is a term used to describe difficulties associated with goal setting, carrying out organized steps and modifying a plan to complete a task successfully.  Deficits in executive functioning can interfere with activities of daily living, academic accomplishments and occupational or professional success. Difficulties with executive functioning can surface later in a person’s career.

Many adults, young and older, often struggle in various social environments, even though they are successful in attending to the nuts and bolts of their job, managing the basics of their studies and maintaining politeness for interactions. Our adult Social Thinking® programs focus on unraveling the complexities of social multitasking to successfully navigate the nuances and different mindsets of others, better express your thoughts and how to encourage others to support your personal and professional endeavors. Based on the work of many well respected professionals, including world renowned Michelle Garcia Winner, our programs teach skills ranging from “thinking about others”, “perspective-taking”, “gestalt processing” and working more effectively in a group. Our one – to –one and group sessions are focused on developing strategies to support successful and rewarding peer relationships, family interactions, recreation, occupational and professional relationships and academic achievement.

Adults suffering from Parkinson’s Disease often experience voice, speech and functional communication difficulties. Based upon nearly 15 years of research data, LSVT – LOUD offers the opportunity to consistently improve speech and voice production in individuals with neurological disorders, and significantly improve their quality of life.

Although LSVT LOUD was designed for patients with Parkinson’s disease this highly effective therapy program has been successfully applied to individuals with multiple sclerosis, stroke, ataxic Dysarthria, aging voice, vocal fold paralysis and children with cerebral palsy and Down syndrome.

Computer – Based Programs

Cogmed Working Memory Training™ is evidence –based program for helping children, adolescents and adults sustainably improve attention by training their working memory. Working memory is an essential cognitive function necessary for a wide range of daily living tasks related to attention and focus. Cogmed training is for those who wish to improve their ability to concentrate and are constrained by their working memory. Some have diagnosed attention deficits, some have suffered a brain injury, and others find they’re not doing as well as they could professionally given their intelligence and their efforts.

Cogmed QM – Adult:Working memory in adult and professional life is critical for challenges such as planning, focusing, resisting distraction, and meeting deadlines.

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