Daily Living Social

BG1-Blue2Daily Living Social:  A transition training program for young adults with Social Learning Challenges

Our program addresses social and communication behaviors expected for:

  • employment
  • Daily Living and Self Help
  • Identifying and building relationships
  • self-advocacy
  • recreation and leisure

Daily Living Social focuses on teaching the skills for the facilitation of more meaningful peer relationships, residential options, employment opportunities, leisure and recreation, family relationships and other life experiences.  Using the social thinking model, clients will develop skills

  • to recognize and explore nuances and sophistication in adult interactions
  • for understanding of one’s own emotions and those of others
  • for social problem solving
  • for reading intentions/reading the plan
  • to discover their own motivation
  • to understand the dynamics of building relationships

The program may use direct teaching, real world experiences, field trips, and guest speakers to develop self awareness, self-advocacy, perspective taking, gestalt processing, nonverbal communication and conversational skills to name a few.