Executive Functioning Training for Adults

efExecutive Functioning for Adults:

Do you –

  • Have difficulty planning a project in and out of work?
  • Have trouble with time management?
  • Struggle to tell a story?
  • Have difficulty retelling information from memory?
  • Struggle to initiate activities or tasks? Difficulty getting started?
  • Trouble retaining information while doing something?



If so, you might be exhibiting signs of executive functioning deficits, which can interfere with activities of daily living, academic accomplishments and occupational success.

Executive function deficits are often but not always associated with developmental disorders, including: Verbal and non-verbal language disabilities, Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism/PDD, Attention Deficit Disorders. Difficulties with executive functioning can surface later in a person’s career.

At Good Talking People LLC we offer individual and small group instruction (when available) to improve planning, organization, management of time and space. Our approach focuses on teaching concepts and strategies so the client is able to function independently without reliance on another adult.

Clients will learn to:

  • Develop  a “memory for the future” by learning strategies to set and achieve goals
  • Improve awareness skills to enable them to “read a room” so to create an appropriate action plan
  • Learn how to sense the passage of time so to appropriately allocate time and improve time management skills
  • Develop strategies to personalize study skills and management of homework.
  • Create a positive and productive environment to organize work and personal space.
  • Manage multiple activities including projects and personal activities while still finding “down time”.

Programs are individually developed.