Post High School/College Bound

grad■ College Coaching

For students with social learning challenges preparing to enter or are enrolled in a post secondary school setting

Our social learning groups and individual sessions meet one to two times a week under the guidance of an experienced, licensed and certified professional Speech-Language Pathologist.

Moving on to college, a university or specialized trade school can be a challenging yet rewarding experience.  Students with social learning challenges may experience difficulties with the social nuances, increased independent social demands, and overall planning, management, and involvement in recreational, living and academic activities.

Sessions address the practical skills necessary to navigate the complex social demands of the college environment including but not limited to:

  • Roommate Expectancies – problem solving strategies and communication strategies
  • Campus Life- getting involved, navigating “the scene”, and social networking
  • Friendship Skills – Choosing a group that right for you, presenting “your best self”, friendship problem solving skills
  • Conversational Skills – Initiating conversations, entering group conversations, keeping the conversation group, closing the conversation, and understanding nonverbal language
  • Interviewing Skills – College admissions, internship and job interviews
  • Healthy Choices – Facing the many choices of campus life and independence (food, people and activity choices)
  • Time Management – how to create and manage a workable plan
  • Executive Function Skills- improve planning organizing and good setting skills
  • Self Advocacy Skills- knowing when to ask for help and knowing who the appropriate supports are for the specific needs and building self-esteem and confidence

Our College Coaching program is ideal for 12th grade students and recent high school graduates; however, there is still lots of learning that can happen at any point in a post secondary school journey.


Individual sessions – of 45 or 60 minutes are scheduled based on mutual availability between clients and social coach.

Group sessions are scheduled based on mutual availability between clients and social coach. Evening and weekend group appointments available.

6- Week Intensive Summer Session Available each summer.