School Contracts

14885982_sSchool Contracts:

Good Talking People LLC is a NJ Department of Education approved facility as a provider of speech language therapy and related services.

Good Talking People LLC can directly contract with your school to provide speech language and/or social skills therapy during the school day at your location. We offer:

• Speech language therapy services for charter, private and public schools by contract for the school year

• Speech language therapy services for charter, private and public schools to fulfill a maternity or extended medical leave

• Speech language therapy services for extended year services

• Social Skills Programs for elementary, middle and high school students

• Staff training in area of social skills for classroom

• Private pay by individual families of children enrolled in a private school setting to receive services onsite at school

Good Talking People LLC should be your “go to” center to assist you in providing speech language therapy services to fulfill IEP requirements during the school year and for the extended year. Appointments can be scheduled for after-school and weekends to accommodate the scheduling needs of the family. Services can include:

• Supplemental speech/language therapy services- for when services interfere with academic scheduling or when services are not available at an “out of district” placement

• Compensatory speech/language therapy services – make up sessions as the result of extended medical leave or maternity or mishaps in an IEP

• Extended Year services – we are open 12 months a year

• Evaluation of speech, language and social skills in accordance with N.J.A.C. 6A:14 Pre-school-High School

• Specialized programs such as Social Skills, Literacy, Executive Function and Fast ForWord®

■ School Screenings

Research has shown that children with speech, language and social communication have the best results when their difficulties are identified and successfully treated as early as possible.

Good Talking People LLC offers screening services to help schools identify students with speech and language issues. We will contract with preschool and private school programs to perform screenings at their sites. A screening can distinguish children who are at risk for developmental delays or disorders. The screening does not yield a diagnosis, but will indicate a child’s need to future assessment and follow-up.