Therapeutic Recreational Programs

social gathering
Therapeutic Recreational Programs:

■ Gatherings for all

A Social Gathering is a social enrichment program designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for kids, teens and adults to meet and “hang out” with peers.   A Social Gathering provides various activities centered on social interaction, such as:

  • Movie Chats
  • Game Day
  • Dungeons and Dragons®
  • Lego® Building
  • Minecraft® Universe
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Dining Out

Activities are for individuals with ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, High functioning Autism, Social Communication Disorder,  Social Anxieties  and more. Activites are under the supervision of trained social coaches under the direction of a speech language pathologist specifically trained in Social Thinking®, executive functioning, emotional regulation and collaborative problem solving.

■ Something for Everyone


Kids – a place where children ages 5-12 “fit in” with like-minded peers to enjoy an afternoon of fun.

Teens – a time for teens 13- 18 to “hang – out” and engage with others, to develop peer relationships, reduce social anxiety and practice social strategies.

Adults – a dynamic forum designed by adults for adults. Gatherings will focus on various topics/concerns/issues/skills and abilities related to social thinking