Programs for Social Learning and Communication Skills

Social Learning / Social Skills:

At Good Talking People LLC, we believe that social skills are the end product of well developed social cognition or social thinking and communication.  In additional to the research of many well respected professionals in the field of social learning, emotional regulation and executive functioning but largely based on Social Thinking ® teaching framework created by Michelle Garcia Winner (, our programs teach skills ranging from joint attention and shared interests, adapting to expected behavior, emotions and self-regulation to verbal and nonverbal social cues to perspective, flexibility and problem solving.

Our programs are individually designed for each group to explore the communication, social interactions and social thinking that support successful and rewarding peer relationships, family interactions, recreation, occupational and professional relationships and academic achievement. Our methodologies work to develop better social cognition, including social reasoning, social interpretation, social memory and social expression, utilizing a multi-sensory, developmental and pragmatic approach to social skills training.

Good Talking People LLC provides individual and group therapy to assist in the development of pragmatic language, social communication and social learning. We teach strategies for understanding social rules, what is expected in social situations, ways to increase social comfort and how to communicate and connect with others.

■ Individual Therapy for Social Learning

Individual sessions are available in 45 or 60-minute sessions, specifically created for more targeted goals and specific support to help understand and navigate the social environment. Individual sessions are also recommended for clients who require more opportunity to develop the necessary prerequisite social tools to improve success in the group experience.

■ Group Therapy Services

All sessions run for 60-minutes with the last portion (5-10 minutes) devoted to parent/caregiver education and feedback so that concepts can be generalized to home, school, work and community. Adult groups will incorporate spouses, significant others, partners and/or family members.

Good Talking People LLC’s cutting edge Social Thinking® programs and groups are for clients with social learning challenges, preschool through adulthood designed aimed to meet the ever-changing demands across a lifespan.

■ Year Round Social Skills Programs

Mama, Papa and Me

A language based socialization program for toddler and early preschoolers & their parents.

• 18 months – 3 years of age
• 8 to 10 – week modules seasonally scheduled throughout the year
• Small group size
• Weekly theme based lessons
• Developmental appropriate activities
• Addresses play, social, language and speech skills
• Led by a licensed and certified speech language pathologist

Play Pals

A weekly preschool play and communication skills program, introducing Social Thinking concepts

• 3 – 5 year old preschoolers
• Incorporates structured play activities, literacy, role play music & movement, sensory experiences and art projects
• Focus on language enrichment, listening skills, social interaction and nonverbal social cues
• Expansion of play schemas
• Increase awareness of others
• Foster engagement
• Introduce emotions and self-regulation
• Encourage problem solving

Kid Connect

A weekly program for the development and enhancement of communication and Social Thinking® skills

• 6- 18 years of age
• Develop social cognition, including perspective, flexibility, gestalt processing, relationship between what is expected, thoughts and feelings, adapting to the social cues, addressing emotions and self-regulation
• Increase social communication skills
• Facilitating understanding and use of verbal and nonverbal communication cues
• Develop strategies for successful peer interactions, family relationships and academic expectations


A weekly program created to facilitate social thinking and behavior in preparation for the many transitions into adult life

• 18 years and older
• Seminar based program with hands on and demonstration opportunities
• Utilizes real life experiences of participants
• Addresses the social expectations of employment, higher- education, residential responsibilities, community involvement and social relationships
• Incorporates executive functioning strategies

This program, including its teacher or leader, is not affiliated with, nor has it been reviewed, approved, or endorsed by Michelle Garcia Winner and Think Social Publishing, Inc.